Germination of Life

Today my Daughter asked me about the germination process. I saw the curiosity in her eyes. Apparently she was asked to submit some project in her school. Sometimes we ignore these petty questions while we are busy with our work. I gave it a thought looked at her and while I was working on my laptop, I thought of quickly showing her a time lapse video of the germination process. I saw the moment of awe on the face of my Daughter but surprising as it may sound my wife was also mesmerized. It seems her schooling was not as informative as mine. So I thought to enlighten my followers about this beautiful process of nature. Most seeds need only moisture and warmth in order to sprout. But some seeds may have additional requirements. If compared to humans most important part is the Belief. Mother Nature has everything to germinate seeds.

Some seeds such as beans need darkness in order to germinate; other seeds such a lettuce need light. Seeds that require darkness should be covered with fine soil or vermiculite to a depth equal to twice the seed’s diameter. Seeds that need light can be just sprinkled with seed-starting mix.

All seed-starting medium should be loose and smooth. Outdoor seedbeds should be well worked.

Soil and air temperatures should be near the optimum for the crop and so should the soil moisture.

Temperatures too low or too high can damage or kill seedlings; the optimal soil temperature for germinating most vegetables is between 18 to 24 degrees.

The same is true for soil moisture; generally a soil mix that is not too dry and not too wet but just moist is best.

Process of Seed Germination :

A seed has everything needed to make a new plant; it waits until environmental conditions are met: an ample supply of water, optimum temperature, and situation in well-aerated soil or other medium.

Less than 2 percent of a seed’s weight is water;by comparison, 95 percent of a mature herbaceous plant is water. Low water content protects a seed against damage from low temperatures, for example, water in a seed could freeze, expand, and damage the seed.

Water absorbed by a seed causes the seed coat or shell to expand and split which in turn allows the seed embryo and cotyledons or seed leaves access to oxygen in the soil. Oxygen is needed for germination chemistry to proceed.

Germination chemistry causes food molecules in the seed–starch, protein, and fats–to break down into sugars and amino acids which allow for the construction of new plant cells including a root which anchors the new plant and draws life producing minerals and moisture from the soil. An embryonic shoot grows and pulls the seed leaves or cotyledons through the soil.

When the seed leaves reach through the soil to light, photosynthesis begins and produces all the food the plant requires to grow to maturity.

Germination ends when the shoot emerges from the soil.

Even in life we go through ups and downs but if we maintain our relationship they serve as a medium to help us progress. They form the environment around us. We have all the potential in us. our environment just helps us in believing ourselves. When I was a child I never understood these things due to inadequacy of access to information but when I see my child atleast she will have an environment around her that will explain the science behind everything and help her build a belief. I want all my readers to experience the Germination of Belief in yourself. We are Gods creation and we are unstoppable…Take a leap of Faith in life. Plunge yourself in the soil. Fight the situation with the best of your abilities.

Always believe in yourself.

Anyone can make history.

Only few can create Legacy.


Micrology of Love!

Angel-Red-Hearts-in-Sky-HD-WallpapersI had been in search of true love since I was a teenager. Everyone had their own perspective towards it. While my friends used to coax me to approach girls. Grown-ups used to warn me as it was considered a taboo to say “I Love You” at that tender age. Over the period of time I had my own experiences. Most of the time I was in a Pickle but I did manage a few success stories. There is one experience which was by far the best one.

First time I saw her face I knew I was meant for her. It’s been 3 years that we are carrying on this relationship. Honestly, she is beyond comparison with the other tight spots of my life. I used to think that love was about chocolates, flowers and heart shaped goodies. But this girl changed my mind completely on the Valentine’s Day. She does not crib or complain about my behaviors and my inability to spend time with her. She is perfectly normal if I don’t take her to exotic places or candle light dinners.


They say that Love is blind and certainly marriage; an eye opener. While I think back First time she said my name I knew she was meant for me. First time she held my hand and the first time she kissed my lips I can’t forget those moments. Just by seeing her everyday heals all my wounds. The touch the warmth the feeling of being loved by a beautiful girl is beyond comparison. I keep calling her “Shona”, “Babu” and few other common synonyms that the Love birds use these days. She makes me stronger day by day. There’s nothing that her love can’t do. I always try to correct her and highlight her mistakes (As the saying goes Men will always be men). But she just smiles or blinks at me and like a dream of every guy she apologizes by saying “Sorry”. She even goes to the extent of correcting the mistakes. She assures me not to worry, and teaches me how to move on. God, I wish I would have met her a few years back; she could have helped me with my break-offs. I had a hard time to come out of those relationships. I admire her ability to forgive and forget just like that. Hats off! to such level of maturity. I know people say that we’re crazy but there’s nothing love can’t do. She has taught me how to treat a woman with dignity and respect. Her Looks and the way she does things are exactly how I would have done. That’s precisely the reason why I love her so much.

Every guy desires to have a girl who is beauty with brains a girl who is obedient and doesn’t mess around with other guys a girl who always chooses to sleep next to you and wishes you good morning with her wet kisses. They say Love transcends through space and time but I am not an astronaut to retrospect that. For commoners like us this is our space and our moment of love when I say “I love you” to her and she always replies by saying “I Love you too; Baba”